What is Colour, Design and Styling?


Colour, Design and Styling, for the interior or exterior, is the formulation of a design encompassing a decorating scheme in response to a brief.This takes into account the elements and principles of design alongside colour psychology and physiology and applies it to a built environment, to create stunning and harmonious spaces.No single component can do this; it is a fusion of all aspects of design. 





What is the process?


Step 1 - Initial Consultation.

Your requirements are carefully recorded during a detailed one-to-one consultation at which time a brief is established. This usually takes 1-2 hours depending on the size of your project. Your likes and dislikes, use of space, the demography of the property's inhabitants, the aspect and age of the property, retaining items and period features, required mood and style, lighting, and so on, are discussed and form part of your unique brief.

Step 2 - Formulation of your design. 

A suitable, effective, fully comprehensive and personalized design is produced in repsonse to your brief. 

Step 3 - Client Specification Folder

All relevant documents and samples are compiled in one folder that is yours to keep.  If required, to-scale floorplans and elevations are included.

Step 4 - Installation

You are ready to employ your preferred trades people to bring your design to life.





How much does it cost?


As the service offered is personalised and tailored to your needs more details are required in order to answer this question.  Please contact Definitive Decor with your project scope.